Healthy Vegan Nutella – in 1 minute

Healthy vegan Nutella or ‘fauxtella’. Because hazelnuts and chocolate were meant to be together <3

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Do you ever get a strong hankering for nutella but have none on hand or have decided that the 1/2 jar you consumed the other day was probably enough for the week? I hadn’t had nutella in years until my husband excitedly brought home 2 tiny sample packs a couple of weeks ago. I put one on my morning oats and it was just as awesome as I remembered but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a jar because; a) I don’t really want to have it in my house whispering to me from the cupboard and b) it’s not exactly the best thing I could be putting into my body on the daily. So, I set out to create a healthy replacement that I could make in about a minute to get my nutella fix without all the added sugar.
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Sweet Cherry Bombs

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 BOOM! I discovered a way to combine two of my favourite desserts, chocolate and cherries, into one ball of deliciousness. I make all kinds of dessert balls and one of my favourite combos is chocolate with dried cherries. I hardly ever make them though because dried cherries are hard to find and very pricey.

I was drifting off to sleep one night and I must have had dessert on my mind (what else is new?) because I jolted up and nudged my husband awake and said, “I know, I’ll make dessert balls with whole cherries inside them!”. He didn’t share my enthusiasm but after making them, I can confirm that this was, in fact, important enough to wake him up for. Grab some cherries while they’re still (sort of) in season and make these!
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Get your smoothie on!

It seems like everyone and their grandma has heard of healthy smoothies. With more public awareness about the benefits of healthy eating, people are starting to care more about what they’re putting into their bodies and healthy foods are becoming much more mainstream. Smoothies have become very popular and with good reason; they’re super nutritious and delicious and take just minutes to make. They’re also very portable so you have no excuse to grab that greasy breakfast sandwich on your way to work.
Smoothies are a great way to add a lot of nutrient-dense foods into your diet without having to eat endless salads. They can easily be made into nutrition powerhouses, packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, and minerals and they mask flavours very well so if you’re not a huge fan of ‘healthy tasting’ foods, you can still easily get them into your diet.  Add in some healthy fats and a good protein powder and you have yourself a well-rounded meal. Making your diet more healthy doesn’t have to be scary. A great way to start is by swapping out one less-than healthy meal for a green smoothie every day and see how you’ll start to feel more awesome and energized.

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