How to make your diet suck less


Homer diet

The dieting struggle is real. When you cut calories to lose weight you feel hungrier than you do eating at caloric maintenance or surplus. Your body really doesn’t care about your desire to look leaner. It gets used to being in a certain body fat percentage range and likes to keep you there. Your body’s desire to maintain homeostasis becomes more evident the leaner you get. One of the strategies it uses is increasing your hunger to make you eat more to get back to its comfortable ‘set-point’. Being hungry all the time stinks and it’s easy to become food-focused and lose sight of your long-term goals when faced with instant gratification decisions like, ‘should I eat my salad or this fluffy glazed donut?’.

Successful dieting most definitely requires willpower and the ability to delay gratification but it doesn’t need to be a constant struggle. When dieting, you can (and should) modify the way that you eat to make it easier on yourself. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to decrease hunger and diet more effectively:
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Are you eating for sustainable weight loss?

Are you spinning your wheels – trying hard to improve your eating habits but not getting the weight loss results you want? There is a lot of confusion surrounding healthy eating and weight loss. Most people believe that eating healthy = losing weight and while that’s often true, it’s not always that simple.
What does healthy eating mean anyway?
One issue is that healthy eating has no universal definition and can mean very different things to different people. One person’s healthy diet can consist of mostly vegetables and grains, while another eats largely animal products and a lot of dietary fat, and yet another believes that ‘healthy eating’ is having low-fat and sugar-free processed foods. While this post isn’t about discussing which diet is most ‘optimal’, this example should demonstrate that telling someone who wants to lose weight to just ‘eat healthier’ is a very imprecise way for them to go about achieving their goal.

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