Are you eating for sustainable weight loss?

Are you spinning your wheels – trying hard to improve your eating habits but not getting the weight loss results you want? There is a lot of confusion surrounding healthy eating and weight loss. Most people believe that eating healthy = losing weight and while that’s often true, it’s not always that simple.
What does healthy eating mean anyway?
One issue is that healthy eating has no universal definition and can mean very different things to different people. One person’s healthy diet can consist of mostly vegetables and grains, while another eats largely animal products and a lot of dietary fat, and yet another believes that ‘healthy eating’ is having low-fat and sugar-free processed foods. While this post isn’t about discussing which diet is most ‘optimal’, this example should demonstrate that telling someone who wants to lose weight to just ‘eat healthier’ is a very imprecise way for them to go about achieving their goal.

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Big on taste, not your waist – 3 recipes for healthy and refreshing summer drinks


Summer is upon us and there’s nothing better on a hot day than enjoying a nice cold, refreshing beverage. Instead of popping over to the convenience store or the coffee shop, why not make your own summer treat? If you’re trying to watch your calorie intake, one of the best ways is to limit (or cut out) sugar-laden drinks. Most of them don’t offer much nutritional value and even seemingly healthy drinks, like juices, can pack a surprising number of calories without filling you up. 

Want a summer drink that’s refreshing, delicious, and low in calories? Here are 3 easy and delicious drink options that are both waistline and wallet friendly.
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