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This program will challenge your cardio, muscular endurance, and conditioning. 3x per week, you’ll be performing circuit-based workouts designed to give you an efficient and complete workout. This workout can be done at a gym or anywhere else with only minimal equipment. Although this a circuit style training plan, it is still designed to progressively build your muscular capacity so you’re not only feeling like you’re working out but seeing real, measurable results.

Required Equipment

Hip band
Long bands
A set of kettlebells (can be substituted with dumbbells with minor modification)

What’s included

9-Weeks of Workouts
Meal Plans for Varying Caloric Goals with Nutrient Information & Food Swap Options (Vegan Options as Well!)
Dynamic Progress Charts for Both Strength and Body Composition Tracking
Additional Tutorial Videos and Form Assessment Help
6-Week Push Up Challenge, With Instructional Videos
FAQs & Notes Section to Help You Every Step of The Way!

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