Gym Strength Guide

Gym Strength Guide


If you’re looking to get started in the weight room, have taken some time off from the gym, or have some experience but need more structure and a plan for progressing, this is for you. Get comfortable executing big compound movements and targeted accessory work to increase your overall strength, muscle tone, and help you start build a balanced bod. This plan helps you build a solid lifting foundation to continue to build strength and reshape your body to take you to the next level.


  • 12 weeks of workouts with progressions + optional test week at the end

  • Learn the fundamentals of lifting with compound lifts and targeted accessory exercises

  • Options/modifications to work at your current level and continue to progress

  • Exercise glossary with step-by-step instructions and picture guides

  • Instructions for how to calculate your macros – learn the skills to become self-sufficient

  • Learn how to eat according to your goals

  • Sample meals with example adjustments for different calorie goals

  • Dozens of recipes with macro breakdown included

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