Home Guide: Bodyweight Strength

Home Guide: Bodyweight Strength


If you’re struggling to make time to get to the gym but are ready to commit to making positive changes, challenging yourself, and getting stronger, this one is for you. This program focuses on increasing your bodyweight strength, so you can use your own body to get stronger and do workouts almost anywhere. This program will increase your muscle endurance and burn body fat. Minimal equipment is required and options for adding weights are provided to continue to challenge yourself and progress.


  • 12 weeks of workouts with progressions that can be done at home or the gym

  • Options/modifications to work at your current level and continue to progress

  • Minimal equipment required

  • Exercise glossary with step-by-step instructions and picture guides

  • Instructions for how to calculate your macros – learn the skills to become self-sufficient

  • Learn how to eat according to your goals

  • Sample meals with example adjustments for different calorie goals

  • Dozens of recipes with macro breakdown included

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