I’ve been fortunate enough to coach clients for years to help them reach their goals with both nutrition and fitness. NO GIMMICKS OR QUICK FIXES, but truly helping clients form new and sustainable habits, feel better and get excited about fitness.

My History

Growing up I was always very active, playing sports and dancing. Unfortunately, I dropped all these activities when I went to University and completely lost my ‘level of fitness’. I was winded running for the bus, ate whatever sugar-packed food happened to be available and unsurprisingly, my energy levels were totally tanked. I knew I was doing my body a complete disservice and was tired of feeling tired and weak.

My journey in the gym started about 8 years ago when I wandered in, clueless about what to do but knowing I wanted to get stronger, reshape my body and feel more confident in myself. I started with abs exercises, steady state running, and cardio fitness classes. Although I wasn’t seeing dramatic changes to my body, I started to feel a lot better about myself and got hooked on that feeling of pushing myself and getting better.

At this point I had gained enough confidence that I bit the bullet and ventured into the weight room; feeling uncomfortable but challenging myself to push through. I can definitely relate to the countless women who send me messages saying they’re intimidated to enter the weight room. I was that same girl, afraid of looking clueless and stupid and feeling really overwhelmed in a male- dominated area.

Lifting was a whole new type of challenge that changed the way I viewed myself. As someone who was never naturally strong, I realized that strength was a choice and I could push myself to do things I never thought possible. This was when I started to see the changes in my body I was looking for and discovered even more significant changes in my confidence and mentality.

My goal is to help others realize their potential: equipping them with the knowledge to achieve their goals and gain confidence through strength

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