What You Need to Know:

Workouts are 3x per week, separated by phases, plus an optional 4th day dedicated to cardio and core to help you safely reintroduce impact.

  • PHASE 1: focus on reconnecting to your inner core
  • PHASE 2: focus on progressively strengthening this connection and incorporating some rehabilitative core movements
  • PHASE 3: continue with core strengthening and beginning full body strength
  • PHASE 4: progressively challenging the core and rest of the body to rebuild strength while implementing strategies to help manage possible symptoms

Equipment List:

  • Hip band
  • Resistance band(s)
  • Kettlebells OR dumbbells
  • Sliders or alternative (if you have a hard floor, this can be as simple as using socks or small towels)
  • Bench/chair or equivalent that can be used for: steps ups, step-downs, bench dips, box squats, copenhagen planks, inverted rows (if no bars), etc
  • Floor mat (optional, but nice to have)
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