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Programs are designed to give you effective and safe workout for EACH STAGE of pregnancy


Workouts for Weeks 5 - 40 of Pregnancy


Includes Home & Gym Programs


Separated by week, 3x per week. Includes 4x per week option for 1st trimester only


35 – 45 minutes


Maternity workouts only, 1-year app access

The Maternity Program includes 1-YEAR access to Maternity workouts only

Expert Advice every steps of the way !


Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Doula & Social Worker

Registered Dietician

Psychotherapist, MSW, RSW

Common questions ANSWERED

As long as you consult your doctor and follow necessary guidelines, absolutely yes! You will need to reduce your intensity, adjust your breathing techniques, and possibly change your exercise selection and range of motion, but resistance training can help you to stay strong and reduce pain.

Most women don’t think about their pelvic floor until after they’ve had a baby or two and are having trouble with urine leaking or pelvic organ prolapse but waiting until after your baby is born isn’t the right time to start thinking about the health of your pelvic floor. I work directly with an amazing Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and there is content available for you in the program to educate you on your pelvic floor during your pregnancy.

The intensity of the maternity program is necessarily lesser than a regular program, particularly from 2nd trimester onward (1st trimester, you can technically train fairly normally if you're feeling up to it!). So the intensity tapers down over time as you progress through your pregnancy.

For the Home vs Gym Maternity Program, although a couple days are a little different, mostly they are variations of each other - different exercise selections, but the same movement patterns

Hip band, Resistance band (s), Kettlebells OR dumbbells, Sliders or alternative (if you have a hard floor, this can be as simple as using socks or small towels), Bench/chair, Floor mat (optional, but nice to have)

Yes! You can purchase the maternity program as a one-time payment and have access for 1-year OR sign up for a subscription that best fits your needs, and get access to ALL content (Postpartum, too!)

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