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Thank you so so much for creating programmes that I just enjoy doing! I look forward to working out, I look forward to challenging myself and getting stronger. But most of all you've made me a better mum to my children, giving myself time to exercise makes me feel better, it helps my mood, so I'm happier, more patient, I have more energy and it's making my whole family more active.

-Zoe A.

I feel stronger, have more energy, and my balance has improved. I’ve enjoyed the motivation from the group, the encouragement, and seeing everyone not only flourish, but to have a space to chat about struggles without judgement.

- Victoria J.

When I run that 5km damn near effortlessly, when I do the full reps and sets of assisted pull ups, when I squat the 90lbs with good form…I feel the change and I feel damn good about it! I hit the beach near my hometown and saw so many people I grew up that I hadn’t seen in 18 years and when it came down to it I felt zero shame or awkwardness about me being in a bikini for that reunion

Christine S.

I'm six months pregnant and so grateful for Katie's maternity program. The other maternity workout programs I found were basically pilates and so so so boring when you're used to HIIT and barbells. I'm so grateful for the program Katie put together where I can still feel like my strong self and know that my little one is just fine in there.

Patricia S.

I feel strong, I feel excited for what's next, and I feel really grateful for what my body lets me do. Thanks for putting this all together, the lives were awesome and the group support was so often what I needed to stay motivated and picked up when I wasnt feeling into it. I would 100% do another program and thinking about diving into Taking Charge next!

ToniAnn D.

I’ve been fortunate enough to coach clients for years to help them reach their goals with both nutrition and fitness. I created maternity fitness programs while being pregnant myself and I’m currently on my own postpartum journey. I’ve worked with experts in the industry to provide comprehensive plans that work for REAL moms and the everyday struggles (& wins!) we all encounter.